Tasmania, 21-29 November 2015

Special and Endemic Birds Tour

Inala’s Tasmania Special and Endemic Birds Tour is the perfect experience for those wanting to see all of Tasmania’s twelve endemic birds and the islands specials which include...

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Tasmania, 11-19 February 2015 [FULLY BOOKED]

[FULLY BOOKED] Special and Endemic Birds Tour - plus extension

[FULLY BOOKED] Special and Endemic Birds and Mammals Tour 11 – 19 February 2015 with Pelagic Birding Extension 19 – 22 February 2015. Inala’s Tasmania Special and Endemic Birds...

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Personalised, Australia-wide, nature-based tours

Bruny Island, Tasmania and mainland Australia

Tailor made for individuals, groups and agents to suit your interests and travel dates. Inala may have some wonderful scheduled tours coming up but if you are looking for...

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About Inala

Since 1994 Inala Nature Tours, a family owned and operated company, has been designing and leading birding and wildlife tours across Australia. From our headquarters on Bruny Island in Tasmania, our reach extends across Australia from the lush wet forests of Queensland to the endemic-rich plains of Western Australia and beyond.

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Bruny Island

Home to all of Tasmania’s endemic bird species, Bruny Island is a special place and it is no mistake that Tonia Cochran, Inala’s founder, ended up living on this idyllic island at the bottom of the world…

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Wildlife and Birding

Australia is a vast and varied land replete with endemic bird and mammal species and stunning scenery. More than the iconic Kangaroo, the Koala and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is home to a fascinating menagerie of wildlife from the quirky Echidna to the spectacular Lyrebird.

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Judy Koblentz

New York, USA

Dear Tonia, It seems so long ago and far away that Barbara and I were discovering Tasmania and Bruny Island’s magical specialness. Your homeland has captured my soul and someday will bring me back again.

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Elmar and Margrit Storz

Rottweil, GERMANY

Our first impression (of Bruny Island) is that it must be a really beautiful place. This impression was right, for on our tour we discovered such a lot, and our guide, Dr Tonia Cochran, told us about the flora and fauna and history of the island.

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Gruff Dodd

Wales, UK

Tonia Cochran runs and owns Inala on South Bruny, Tasmania, and is available for hire as a bird or nature guide, or for general guiding.
I hired her for one day to try to ensure that I saw all the Tasmanian endemics, and we cleaned up in about 6 hours apart from Black Currawong which is not easy in summer on Bruny (altitudinal migrant – easier on Bruny in winter).

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Michael and Wendy Hinks


There is no doubt the day and evening that we spent with you was one of the highlights of our holiday. Thank you so much. To give you some feedback, we felt that you made us feel so welcome, both over the phone beforehand and when we first arrived at Inala.

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Bob and Hanno Lewis

Berkeley, California, USA

I was interested in seeing the remote (for us) island of Tasmania, as well as the endemic species of birds on the island. Several folks directed us to Inala Nature Tours, run by Tonia Cochran, and located on Bruny Island, off the SE Tasman coast.

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Dr Elizabeth Stevenson

Ontario, CANADA

I heard about Inala from my birdwatching travel agent (from Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Although he hadn’t been there himself, he had heard great things about Inala from several birdwatchers who had. We were not disappointed.

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Annabel Hoskins


I was one of a bus group that visited Inala recently (for a property tour). We were fortunate to have the opportunity to do so, and I wanted to thank you, both for the time you spent with us, and for creating the place in the first place.

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Margrit and Hanspeter Gadola


Inala – A place of refuge in an intact nature with all facilities of modern life. The owners are Tasmanian native hens and possums; people are only guests. The host, Tonia Cochran, is amiable, helpful and familiar with every tiny detail of the nature of Bruny Island.

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Sorrel Wilby

Getaway Program, Channel 9 TV, Australia

Bruny offers such a diverse variety of wilderness it lured biologist, Dr Tonia Cochran, from the mainland.

She is so passionate about the island, she runs Inala Tours and Accommodation, raising funds for her relentless rehabilitation and conservation work.

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Rob Gartenberg and Solveig Streich

We saw and learned so much and really felt that we had made the best of our short two days on the island. Thanks ever so much for going to so much trouble to try and make our trip memorable. You certainly succeeded.

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Celia M Browne and Denise Moore

Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

What a find! Inala, situated on one of Australia’s lesser-known islands (Bruny Island), is a haven of tranquility, a sanctuary for many of Tasmania’s endemic birds, and a central base from which to explore this wonderfully scenic area.

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